What We Do

Patent … Application & Consulting
  As a general rule, technically advanced and industrially useful new inventions are protected for a maximum of 20 years after the date of application.
From April 2015, a system of patent objection declarations allowing simple and prompt trials has been established in order to enable early stage stabilization of patent rights.
Furthermore, from April 2015 our country is following the lead of the international legislative system and in cases where there are unavoidable reasons such as disasters (including overseas disasters), relief measures to contribute to the improvement of convenience of users of the system will be set up such as enabling prompt extension of procedure periods.
Utility Models … Application & Consulting
  Inventions (small inventions) regarding the form, structure, and combination of articles are protected for a maximum of 10 years after the date of application.
This allows the early-stage acquisition of rights for inventions with short life cycles.
Design … Application & Consulting
  Form, design, and color design of goods which possess a creative and aesthetic external appearance are protected for a maximum of 20 years from the date of registration of establishment.
  From 13 May 2015 it become possible in this country as well to make international registration applications for designs based upon the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs.
  In the past, when filing application for designs registration in Japan the most commonly used route was to directly apply to the patent offices of the country designated claiming a right of priority rights under the Paris Convention, due to Japan’s joining the aforementioned Geneva Act, it is possible to newly select the route of overseas applications via the Hague route based on said Act.
Our firm is capable of providing practical support in cases where Japan is the designated country.
Trademark … Application & Consulting
  Marks (text, graphics, symbols, etc.) to be used in goods and services are protected for a maximum of 10 years after the date of registration of establishment (can be renewed)
From April 2015 “new trademarks”, namely colors and sounds which are widely securable in other countries, are added to become securable in our country as well.
Furthermore, commerce and industry associations, chambers of commerce and industry, specified non-profit corporations, and foreign corporate bodies equivalent to these will be added to the entities who can register Regional Collective Trademark.
Our firm is capable of providing practical support for these procedures.

*There are notes of caution regarding the procedures of the Madrid Protocol. Because Japan has adopted a 2-stage payment system for individual fees, it is required to pay the first-part individual fee at the time of international registration application/subsequent designation, and the second-part individual fee to the International Bureau after the securing of the mark is approved through the Japanese Patent Office’s screening process. Please note that if the second-part individual fee payment is not made, your international trademark registration with respect to Japan will be cancelled.